Safety of Pallet Racking

Pallet rack is a system designed to assist in handling storage. It is made in such a way that material is stored on pallets. Despite the different varieties, all pallet racking make allow the storage of the material in horizontal rows as well as with multiple levels. Pallet racking has become an important part of the modern warehouses, retail centers, manufacturing facilities and all many other storage facilities.

Safety measures.
For the safety of pallet racking, the following are some of the necessary safety measures.
• All loose components and damaged frames should be reported to prevent pallets from falling.
• Damaged pallets should not be used.
• Pallets should not be staged at the end of aisles to prevent obstruction. Obstruction can result in serious injuries or fatal accidents.
• Loading of a pallet racking system should not exceed the recommended specifications.
• Regular safety checks should be done by a qualified personnel to ensure the system is 100% safe.

For the safety of a pallet racking system, it is the responsibility of the owner to communicate the necessary warning to everyone around the racking system. No one should climb on the pallet racks during construction or after. Racks are not meant to be stepped on, a fall can lead to fatal injuries. Proper warning signs should be in place especially when pallet rack is in use.


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