Ask any couple you know and most of them will exhale a sigh of relief once the wedding planning process is completely over. Preparing for your marriage involves more than just planning your wedding; there are many legal considerations you’ll need to keep in mind when getting married. Which is why you need to get you lawyers involve right from the start of planning your dream wedding until the end.

While marriage is a time of joy and bliss, there are many legal factors involved in a wedding that may require the attentions of a lawyer. Here’s a few to mention:

  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Deciding on married names
  • Get signed contracts with all of your wedding vendors
  • Get liability insurance for your wedding
  • Create or update your estate plan

Often people inquire into whether it is necessary to consult with an attorney before marriage. The answer is it is not necessary, but it is appropriate.

Nobody likes to think about the legal realities of getting married–it’s much easier to focus on the warm and fuzzy aspects. However, ignoring the legal side doesn’t mean it will go away. There are many different problems that can crop up when two people become legally joined, and it is important to consider how your marriage will affect your legal status before you go through with it.

So save the hassle and get a lawyer. After all, marriage is more relevant today than ever before in history. Marriage used to be a given. Now it is a choice. Therefore, get married for the right reason.

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