Our smiles are inextricably linked to who we are and how comfortable we feel in presenting ourselves to others. We bare our teeth to show that we are trustworthy. We are opening the doorway to our soul. Our mouths are portals to what lies within us, both literally and metaphorically. We kiss with our mouths and lips. We eat with our mouths and teeth. These are intimate activities and our smiles are signs of friendliness. Hope can be flagged by a smile. Love can be introduced with a smile.

The Perfect Wedding Smile: A How To On Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiles have become more important in this age of media and communication. Television and cinema screens are continually ablaze with beautiful smiles. They adorn narratives of love; and, even, signpost the ads they show during the commercial breaks. The smile is a capital letter in our body language’s alphabet. Thus, brides are under pressure to smile like never before at their weddings. The perfect wedding smile: a how to on cosmetic dentistry is the manual that every bride must be a full book on. Brush and floss for all you are worth young ladies, if you are going to the altar any time soon.

Toothpaste sales have gone through the roof on the back of teeth whitening formulas. Every girl and boy wants Hollywood white chompers and a smile to die for. Aesthetic smiles are de riguour on the courting front. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, have made smiles a twenty first century currency. When I think of smiles, I think of those charming Asian ladies enticing customers to their food court stalls. A smile says, come dine with me. A smile says, love me forever.

At the dentist clinic, those with damaged smiles can have them cosmetically rectified. There are stick on enamel covers for front teeth. Teeth whitening treatments and replacement teeth. The full cornucopia of dental implants is available for those who can afford them. A perfect wedding smile does not come cheap. Dentists are putting their kids through college on the back of the community’s obsession with very white teeth. It seems that nobody loves a loser with brown and stained teeth. Life is no longer a bowl of cherries, but a glass of mouth wash and perfect white teeth. Brides are practicing their winning smiles, along with used car salesmen and real estate agents everywhere.